1. MAY 06, 2022
    Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust
  2. JUL 13, 2022
    Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
  3. MAR 23, 2022
    University Hospitals Coventry & Warwick NHS Trust selects 835
The next 835 User Group will be held in September 2022.
Real-time data
Unlock real-time data in Cerner Millennium

At Nautilus we are passionate about giving users access to the data they have input to Millennium in order to drive their business processes and improve patient care.

The mature Nautilus 835 product unlocks the data held in Cerner's Millennium Electronic Patient Record (EPR) platform. Nautilus 835 uses replication technology to provide near to real-time synchronisation with Millennium. We have created an expanding set of consumable, business focused marts.

Our clients are using 835's clean, real time data to:

  • Drive patient flow through hospitals by integrating with digital flow solutions.
  • Reduce the digital admin burden by automatically surfacing data points to help clinical audits, screening programmes, treatment referral tracking and theatre utilisation.
  • Extracting information from Cerner's front-end toolset to drive clinical adoption, allow operational reporting and raise clinical quality.
  • Unwrapping data from locked areas of Cerner Millennium and creating common data models for research purposes.

Our Solution

Overall Solution

Unlock your data in real time

The Extract Layer

Every data item you need

The Transform Layer

Turn data into information



Using industry standards to ensure an open 835 architecture

835 is built on industry standard architecture consisting of a staging area and our consumable data marts. Implementation allows you to graduate away from Cerner's PIEDW or PI Explorer products. The 835 fail-safe methods of extraction ensure accurate synchronisation with Cerner's Millennium database.


Industry standard platform integrated with leading 3rd party products

The 835 solution takes direct data feeds from Cerner Millennium onto an industry standard Microsoft SQL server platform. This can be hosted within the client network, secure cloud, or hosted infrastructure and we integrate with downstream systems using industry standards such as FHIR and HL7.


Agile development approach driven by client demands for real time data

We pride ourselves on being able to find any data point in Cerner Millennium. We have an accurate view on the 6000 tables in the Millennium database and also now include the Cerner Capacity Management module. All of this data is captured and made available once deployed.




835 delivers value to our Clients and Partners

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